An explorer from the Rastarian Empire, named Bren Brittleshins, discovered a new continent some 2500 miles west of Rastaria. While it was teeming with dangerous creatures, it seemed to be the home of no civilization. He later returned with fleets of settlers, eventually establishing three colonies, Hook Island to the north, Placid Cove a few hundred miles to the south and Greenpalms far to the south.

Hook Island was the most successful, attracting flocks of people escaping the tyranny of the empire. The other two colonies struggled against constant attacks from monsters on the mainland, monsters that Hook Island was somewhat insulated from because of it’s geography.

72 years after the colonies were established, the Rastarian Empire collapsed into civil war. Support from the empire collapsed along with it. Many of the elites from the colonies were drawn back to the empire because of the conflict and few ever returned. Colonists stopped arriving and within a year, all contact with the empire was lost.

For a while, trade continued between the colonies with ships carrying cargo and passengers up and down the coast.

12 years after the empire fell, contact was lost with Greenpalms. No clue was ever found about it. Their ships just stopped coming. Any ship sent to investigate never returned.

13 years later, the same fate hit Placid Cove. Hook Island prepared as best they could for whatever force destroyed its sister colonies.

84 years have since passed and no invading force has been seen. Hook Island, though alone, has thrived. The population stands around 10,000, the large majority of them human, with about half of them in and around the capital.

When contact was lost with the other colonies, diligence bordering on paranoia set in. Defense of the island became of primary importance. What few monsters were left on the island were quickly driven away or killed. Three years of Mandatory Military Service was instituted for all adults, male and female. The only monsters encountered on the island are those that crawl out of the sea and those that fly over from the mainland. This diligence has made Hook island safe enough that the current generations are starting to question the older inhabitant’s fears of invasion.

Hook Island does maintain a small number of outposts on the mainland , ever on the lookout for some invading force – a very dangerous duty.

Every few years, a groups of colonists, tired of the island’s overzealous culture, strike out on their own on the mainland. None of them are ever seen again.


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