Hook Island

The total population of Hook Island stands around 10,000. About half of them live in or around New Rastaria.

The western half of the southern coast, inside of “the hook” is almost all shallow beaches. The bay is shallow and a good source for shellfish.

The northern coast is rocky and much if it has cliffs up against the ocean. Fisherman venture into the northern , deeper, colder ocean to catch deep water fish such as cod, mackerel and salmon.

Weather patterns come down from the northwest as does the ocean current. Storms often hit hard against the northern coast but rarely from any other direction.

There has been a concerted effort to conserve trees on the island. The island was largely covered by trees when settler first arrived but most of them were cut down to clear land for farming by the year 82. After The Incident with the Fey, residents decided to protect what trees they had left and to plant and manage new growth. Tree farming is now an honored profession. The trees on the western slopes leading to Ettinspire have remained largely untouched. While the area was cleared of monsters decades ago, residents avoid the area out of fear or respect for the fey that live there.

Hook Island

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