Bren Brittleshins

Bren Brittleshins is famous for having discovered the eastern continent. The ugly truth that is largely ignored is that, before his famous discovery, Bren Brittleshin was a largely unsuccessful pirate.

Cruising up and down eastern coast of the Rastarian Empire, Bren and his crew attacked numerous trade vessels looking for easy loot. He only ever captured one ship, though he accidentally sunk six before his first capture. Unfortunately for him, the owner of the ship was a rather unforgiving and corrupt war minister who, upon hearing of his ship’s capture, order one of his war dragons to find and destroy the pirates responsible.

In order to escape from the dragon, Bren and his crew sailed dead east, hoping to go farther out to sea than the dragon was willing to fly. This tactic worked well enough, but a storm drove him even farther east, eventually in sight of land.

Thinking that he had sailed all the way around the world, Bren sailed up and down the unfamiliar coast looking for port. Finding none, he eventually went ashore and, encountering several unfamiliar, and dangerous beasts, realized that he had discovered a new land.

Gathering as much evidence and samples as he could, Bren sailed back home presenting his find to Dunkle Rastaria IX, the Mad King.

The King forgave Bren and his crew of all their crimes and chartered him with setting up colonies in this new world.

Bren Brittleshins

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